Creator's Corner

1. Partner With Us

Via the Creator Portal, create your account, submit your creations, select the products you want to sell, and let us do the rest. Your custom collection will be assembled in 1-2 days (we're people, not robots). There's no cost to you, only a margin on products sold.

2. Customers Buy Stuff

A customer places an order via our website for the print, canvas, or merchandise product offered. All of their details come our way, we handle payment processing, and send you proper notification.

3. We Handle Production

Sit back, relax, and let us handle the logistics. Most of our products are made and distributed from the United States, with the exception of internationally shipped prints being produced in Europe due to boring and unnecessary import laws. We handle all shipping and distribution as well so you don't have to.

4. Get #Paid

Once a product sells, we'll send you notification right away. Profits are distributed bi-weekly via PayPal. Contact us directly at if PayPal doesn't work for you. Hosting the best profits in the industry, this should be a no brainer.

We give a shit about our creators.


We're looking for the best and brightest to join our roster of up and coming creators. We believe the 21st century has presented unparalleled access to creative power, and want to enable those that have the capacity to act on it. Any and all mediums are fair game: from the traditional definitions of art (photography, painting, etc.) to the emerging fields that are now exploding (graphic design, digital art, etc.). Writers, filmmakers, songwriters and performers are all welcome. Anything that can be printed, shipped, or digitally delivered is fair game.

Apply to be a creator, and we'll be in touch on how and why to submit.


But what about the Benjamins?

While we run a very tight ship, and want to pass off as much as we can to you, print materials, tax, shipping, and general site maintenance do cost money. Below are examples of the various breakdowns for product types we offer, with the grain of salt being that you are free to adjust as you see fit. Our margin for print materials is fixed, and digital & originals are scaled depending on list price.

Print Commission Breakdown

11"x14" Poster List Price: $20USD Your Commission: $8USD
16"x20" Poster List Price: $40USD Your Commission: $16USD
24"x32" Poster List Price: $60USD Your Commission: $24USD
11"x14" Canvas List Price: $100USD Your Commission: $40USD
16"x14" Canvas List Price: $150USD Your Commission: $60USD
24"x32" Canvas List Price: $250USD Your Commission: $100USD


Digital Commission Breakdown

 Any Supported Filetype List Price: Your Discretion Your Commission: 90% of List Price

Physical Commission Breakdown

 Any Accepted Creation List Price: Your Discretion Your Commission: 90% of List Price


Q: Why are the listed overheads so different? 

A: Our overhead is a transparent function of our involvement. For print products, we handle all materials, prep, and shipping costs. We only handle listings and mild fulfillment for digital editions and originals, hence why your margin is nominally higher. All taxes, and processing fees are our burden.


Q: Are the list prices static?

A: Absolutely not! You are free to price your creations as you see fit. Our margin for print products is fixed, meaning if you wish to sell your prints at a higher or lower cost (minimum therein being the cost of production) then that is entirely up to you to take advantage of.


Q: Do you offer suggested pricing for digital editions or physical originals?

A: While we will divulge the trends we see on our marketplace, we won't critique or assess your creations, as it isn't our place. You are the best assessor of your work, and thus pricing should be your discretion!

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