Dream Of Flight

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Product Description:

"Dream of Flight: I've always liked Da Vinci's drawings of flying machines, and wanted to put one in a slightly more modern setting, hence the man wearing a suit. It's meant to remark upon (though very loosely) modern humanity's loss of ambition, or at least ambition within a modern context, that people today, in order to be inspired to make, go, or do something revolutionary, they always have to have it couched in antiquated terms, or with references to past events. It seems we can't dream on our own terms, with our own technology, in our own age, with our own generation. We're always pining for some sort of past glory. Thinking about it, perhaps I should have put the person on a skyscraper. Would have been more obvious, perhaps, that way. Maybe I'll do that some day."

Dream Of Flight is also available in digital format as well.

Creator Description: Joseph Weide aka Mr. Willow of Florida, USA

My name is Joseph C. Weide, known on the internet as MisterWillow (or Mr.Willow), and I am a freelance artist and illustrator. My primary medium of expression is pen and ink, for my great love and admiration of woodcuts, steel engravings, Golden Age illustrations, and comic books (mostly bande-dessinée), and the immense amount of depth one can achieve simply through line work, but will occasionally use watercolour, gouache, coloured pencil, or something else. Subject matter is a matter of mood, as I've found I can draw just about anything I can imagine and very rarely work with reference. If you'd like to commission me, please contact me at mstr.willow@gmail.com"

You'll receive either:

  • The giclee-print poster of selected size on premium semi-matte, resin coated paper
  • The giclee-print canvas of selected size printed on a standard acid free poly/cotton blend canvas with a matte finish and .75" bar

 If you would like additional sizing options, contact info@avantdebut.com or use this form to get in touch with us. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing and shipping; Posters available to users in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Domestic U.S. only, canvases only available to Domestic U.S. currently. Frame Not included.

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