Grain Field

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Product Description:

Part of Low Poly Landscapes Full Collection; a set of 7 images portraying various imaginative and original landscapes, that encompasses both the Day and Night. They were created via Blender, and display various scenes, across season and time of day. The Full Collection contains the images from both the separated day and dusk/night sets.

Grain Field is available in print format as well.

Creator Description: Tim Smits of The Netherlands

"I am Tim Smits, A young digital artist with a love for low poly art. I am an industrial design student at the TU Delft and make low poly art and other illustrations next to this. All the landscapes I made are created by myself from the ground up and with my own imagination."

Check out Tim's personal portfolios! 

You'll receive a .zip file containing:

  • (1) full resolution, watermark free images
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  • A Certificate of Authenticity

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