The Road Less Travelled

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Australia, Northern Territory, Uluru Mountain, Ayers Rock

Like an iceberg in the middle of a sea, Mount Uluru emerges from the Australian outback. At sunset, when the heat is scorching hot, mountains ignite psychedelic clouds, pink, orange, ocher. For the aboriginal, the red rock is in charge of the spiritual forces of their ancestors. The ancestors and mythical creatures, half-animal half-human, are staged in stories. They live in the cracks of the rocks, the water holes. Every crevice, every cave, is connected by a maze of trails that are invisible, magical paths. The myths tell that scars in the rock are led by the fighting spirits of two snakes, Kuniya and Liru.

It is these bare flanks, polished by eternity, pleated, carved, abstract that I wanted to show... as we approach the myth and atmosphere, the more we feel sacred.

Creator Description: Francoise Gaujour of Paris, France

After a solid career as a radio and TV journalist, Francoise Gaujour began her photography in Mali in the 2000s, attracted by the rich colors of Africa. Since then she has exhibited her pictures in several galleries in Paris, France, and abroad. Her work invites you to meditate the beauty of the planet. She seeks to show the colors of the world, to reveal the color where it was once hidden and to testify on the subject matter involved. Her approach is poetic, sometimes graphic, and often in search of the abstract...

You'll receive either:

  • The giclee-print poster of selected size on premium semi-matte, resin coated paper

  • The giclee-print canvas of selected size printed on a standard acid free poly/cotton blend canvas with a matte finish and .75" bar

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